Equipment fitting

It is very important your vivarium is set up correctly. This will not only help keep your reptile safe and healthy but will also reduce energy usage and could even keep you safe! Incorrect set ups can be a fire hazard and can be damaging to your health. 

insert picture of UV put in wrong and highlight eye issues for both us and reptiles

We will fit all your new equipment into your vivarium before you leave the shop and talk you through how to use it all properly. However, if you have any problems of questions once you leave, just get in touch and we will help you.

We have a wide variety of wooden vivariums and glass tanks in stock. With over 12 Colours of vivariums to choose from. Stands, cabinets and any size vivarium made to order, just get in touch with your specifications and we will get back to you with a quote. We will fit all equipment inside for you and talk you through how it all works before you leave the shop.

Picture of all colours and maybe some vivariums? Maybe ask people on facebook to inbox or send us pics of their set ups from here?