Holiday booking

Thank you for your query, if you have arrived at this page then it's time to book your animal in for it's holiday! Please use the form provided on this page.

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Whilst we promise to look after your animal(s) to the best of our expertise, we will take no responsibility for any injuries, illnesses or death that may occur whilst they under our care. The vets we use are Feldon in Bedworth or Amicus in Solihull. Which one we use depends on the individual case. All vets fees must be paid upon pickup. *
I certify that all of the information I have provided is correct, I have read and agreed to the terms stated above. I understand that KBN Reptiles will take no responsibility if anything happens to my animal whilst in their care. I understand that if I don't pick up my animal on the date stated I will pay the overdue fees (2x the original rate for every day overdue) If I do not pick up my animal by the end of 7 days after the agreed date without any communication the animal becomes the property of KBN Reptiles and I understand that they will be forced to re-home the animal *